Whispers from Heaven is an innovative digital company envisioning to change how people behave toward celebrating life and the afterlife in the digital age. We combine ideas and dreams from different personal experiences to change how we currently celebrate life digitally. We pay tribute to loved ones who are far away from home or have sadly departed and the legacy we leave behind for loved ones.

Our user-friendly platform allows you to blend meaningful videos, voice recordings, letters, and photos into a digital tribute album that will live on forever.

Our Vision:Preserving memories and wishes forever – by loved ones for loved ones


Here, we provide an opportunity for you to create a lasting legacy. With us, it is easy to record your feelings and have them delivered on the date of your choice - whether through video, audio, or traditional note form. This way, those special people close in life —or even far away— can receive heartfelt messages regardless of the distance.

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